Keçmezi-Basha, Sabile (2018) THE INTERNATIONAL NATIONAL POLICY SITUATION AND THE ALBANIAN DEMONSTRATIONS OF THE 1968 IN FORMER YUGOSLAVIA. PHILOSOPHICA International Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 5 (10). pp. 118-123. ISSN 2671-3020

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After Stalin's death in Russia and many international changes in the world, many political events began to happen, which shocked many countries around the world. In the 1960's, in Western countries, the youth began to demonstrate against the capitalist system. In the United States, students demonstrated against the war in Vietnam, against racial divisions, improvement of living conditions. In Paris, the renowned philosopher Jean Paul Sartre was united with the demonstrators and together with them distributed the tracts which expressed the students’ dissatisfaction, while at numerous Italian universities there were demonstrations against the new taxes for studies. In 1960, Albania, aiming to preserve its freedom and independence, seceded from the then socialist camp. The Soviet Union, in a sign of revenge, initially interrupted the aid in wheat, to force its subjection. Afterwards it interrupted the diplomatic relations as well. In 1968, Czechoslovakia, again, to maintain its freedom and independence, wanted to break away from the Socialist camp. But the forces of the Warsaw Pact led by the Soviets intervened with their armies and invaded it, thus violating the right of a people to live as they wish, by imposing the way of state organization. These were the changes that significantly affected the youth's rage against the real situation of those countries. It should be mentioned that the most massive and violent demonstrations took place in Berlin, where the students’ leader Rudi Ducke was wounded, which later turned into a terrorist movement led by the Bader-Meinhof tandem. Under these tense conditions in the world, in Yugoslavia, student demonstrations were being organized as well. In Belgrade and Zagreb in 1967, were erupting powerful demonstrations. While in Kosovo, after being persuaded that a greater autonomy could not be ensured in institutional ways, in order to proclaim the Republic of Kosovo, the only remaining path were the peaceful demonstrations. The Albanian masses in Yugoslavia, through demonstrations, decided to demand the things they always lacked compared to other peoples in Yugoslavia. The demands of Albanian demonstrators, were affected among other things by how much was promised and not accomplished, with rulers going the other way. The people of Kosovo, being informed of all these events that happened in the world, did not remain indifferent. In the former Yugoslavia, people began to speak openly about constitutional changes, democratization of life, decentralization, power, etc. Either way, the Albanian people of Kosovo and other areas inhabited by Albanians had expressed their dissatisfaction, and it was quite obvious that one day it would explode. After the Fourth Plenum of the CC of LCY, Albanians began to breathe more freely, so legally the Albanian authorities asked for the equality of the Albanian people, the right for university education, faster economic development and self-administration with the many Kosovar resources. In Slovenia, more financial autonomy was demanded, while in Croatia more power. While in the world dominated the ideas of the philosopher Herbert Marcuze or communist leaders, in Kosovo in 1958, was published the novel “The Snakes of Blood” by Adem Demaçi. The novel had awakened from lethargy the Kosovo politicians. Later, the figure of Adem Demaçi would become a symbol of national resistance, an idol for many young people, since the formation of the Revolutionary Movement for the Union of Albanians until his imprisonment and many Albanian activists and intellectuals in Kosovo.

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